Trade Network


Connecting your customers

An integrated network allows your customers to seamlessly communicate with your sales team.

No installation, no maintenance, no hassle

Allow your trade customers to price their own orders hassle free

Everything they need to know at a glance

Allow your trade customers to keep track of their jobs through every stage, with the latest information always available

Empower your network

Enable your customer to use the Sales and Survey apps and win more business

Help your customers win more business

The trade network allows your trade customers to log in to their own account, process quotations and orders, review existing orders and manage their customers. Your customers can add their own mark-up calculate profit and produce sales winning quotations. When they are ready, they can order directly from you.


Company Hierarchy

The app is structured so your management team can control pricing and options for each retail customer.


Price calculations

See a full price breakdown of each item:
Prices include Labour costs, Fitting costs and Extras.
See discounts, mark-ups and profitability.
Manage products, customer specific mark-ups, and discount rates.


Counter Sales

Add orders to the system on behalf of your customers, so the order will appear in their history. This allows you to process a counter sale using the customer pricing and discounts and encourage them to start using the system too.

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