Pricing Setup


The Sales app has been designed to cater for a wide range of pricing options

Pricing is simple when it can be and detailed when it needs to be.

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Different product, different pricing

You can set each product to use its own specific price method

Automatic Pricing

Prices are calculated automatically making life easier for your sales team

Manual Pricing

For special one-off designs, the user can overwrite the calculated price

Pricing with confidence

A price is calculated for each item as it is added to the system. Some products have simple pricing methods, other products require more detail. The Sales app has been designed to cater for all types of pricing methods.


Simple pricing options

During setup, all of the price calculations can be examined in detail to make sure the app is pricing just how you need it to.


Detailed pricing options

In a trade network, price calculations are based on many elements and during setup a full price breakdown is available.


Discounts and Promotions

Automatically trigger promotions and discounts to the overall job price. You can also manually change the cost and selling value.


Customer types and groups

You can manage products, mark-ups and discount options per individual customer or Customer types and groups.

Accurate and flexible pricing

Sales incorporates many features that enable you to automatically calculate accurate costs and selling prices and helps you:

  • Calculate costs based on comprehensive material and labour analysis
  • Generate selling prices based on cost plus mark-up, including specific customer discounts
  • Generate selling prices based on price matrices which automatically adjust the price for non-pricelist items
  • Create price bands for individual customers or groups
  • Lock prices to an agreed quotation
  • Instantly see the profitability keeping costs under control
  • Control and maximise profit margins

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