Installer Sales


Sell your products your way

Software designed specifically so you can control the entire sales process.

You don't have to be tied in with a fabricator.

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The Sales app your way

All the power of the Sales app; designed so you can control what you sell and who you buy from

Choose your products

The Sales app comes with a full range of products; but if you don’t sell it, disable it

Customised and branded

Add details and your logo to generate a sales winning quotation

Pricing your way

If you are an Installer, you will want to do things your own way. You can use a fabricator’s prices or you can add your own. You can include items from multiple suppliers in one quotation. If required, you can manually adjust the price. When you are ready, choose your suppliers and send a detailed purchase order. The software is ready to go, so you can be up and running in no time.


Professional presentation

Deliver a sales winning quotation, email or print.


A familiar format

The basket makes it easy for your customer to understand the price.


Price with confidence

Create sales winning quotations and leave a lasting impression.

Manual Pricing

Manual pricing option allows you to simply type the price of the item, allowing you to get up and running quickly with our apps.

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You can import your existing pricelists and add your own pricing for Glazing, Installation, Composites and Transoms and Mullions.

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Price for extras

Add order extras and make sure everything is accounted for.


Discounts & Promotions

Included discounts and special promotions.


Automatic purchase orders

Orders are automatically split by your preferred suppliers.


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