Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are you?

    We have heard this a lot recently! We have been working with a couple of large fabricators and installers over the years perfecting our new software. We have invested over £1m over 5 years rewriting brand new cutting-edge software specifically for the glazing industry.

  • What are your biggest unique selling points?

    The ability to run the application in any location without relying on an Internet connection. Most web applications require a constant internet connection and cannot operate reliably in all locations. For the surveyor to be able to fully configure the order so its ready for manufacture and doesn’t need to be reprocessed.

  • How much does it cost?

    The app is pay as you go. From £50 per user per month on our lowest package, or see Pricing for more packages.

  • What hardware do you support?

    The application can be run on iPads with iOS versions 12 and up, Android KitKat and up, Windows 10 devices.

  • Why pay as you go?

    Only pay for what you use and cancel at any time.

  • Why should I change my current software?

    Modernise your business, standardise your sales / survey team process, eliminate input errors and save savings, have the ability to see the Profit on a Job as soon as entered.

  • I’m am an Installer Sales, will the software work for me?

    Yes, please read more here.

  • I’m a fabricator, will this work for me?

    Yes, for Sales, Survey and Manufacturing.


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