A mobile application designed specifically for the Glazing industry

Designed to work onsite so the surveyor can collect precise order details.

Try pricepoint

Save valuable time

Surveyor updates the order data which dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete a survey

Capture the critical information

Cills & Addons, buried depths, building works, notes and photos

Variation of Contract

When change is necessary, the cost difference will be displayed and the surveyor can decide if a VOC is required

Get the exact specification

Put the technologies in the hands of the surveyor and fully configure the order right there and then, onsite when the most informed decisions can be made. If it can’t be designed in the app it can’t be made. The application will ensure the order is fully configured, follows all of the rules, and is ready to be manufactured.


Photographic Records

Store photos against an item of the order and keep track of the original conditions.


Every penny counts

Include all the extras and calculate the exact costs.


Customer Sign off

The customer can sign on the screen and confirm the order.


Correct calculations

The app ensures the order is fully configured, follows all rules and is ready to be manufactured. Plan production within seconds of the survey confirmation.


Glazing regulations

Automatically adjusted and always compliant.


Site inspection

Building regulations, health and safety.


Variation of Contract

Compare the Sales price against the Survey price and adjust the figures.


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