Fabrication and shop floor automation

Create bill of materials and manufacturing data to drive ERP and machine automation.

Seamless Data Flow

No need to re-enter the order, no chance of any input mistakes and no duplication of data

Material and resource planning

Get visibility of your order pipeline and plan ahead

Machine automation and barcode tracking

Generate machining data to automate the production process. Fully integrated into the order processing system

If it can’t be manufactured it can’t be processed

Set up your fabrication rules and apply them at the point of sale or survey. The application will ensure the order is fully configured, follows all of the rules, and is ready to be manufactured.


Fully configurable product designer tool

Rules based setup enables any product and material type to be configured.


Fully Specified bill of materials

Generate a full bill of materials and machine operations.


Instant visibility of your orders

You can be planning production within seconds of the survey confirmation.



Create templates and pre-set user options, allowing for quick and precise order processing.


Plan manufacturing the instant a survey is complete

The order arrives fully configured by the Surveyor, eliminating remakes caused by input error.


Huge cost savings

One point of entry, from sales to survey through to manufacturing. Redeploy your order processors; the order is fully configured by the Surveyor.


Reduce your hardware costs

No need for onsite servers; the system is fully managed and everything is in the cloud.


Generate machining data to automate the production process

We have experience with all the major machine manufacturers, and we have been providing software solutions for more than 25 years.

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