CRM & Sales Management


A new web app designed specifically for the Glazing industry

Manage all of your leads, quotes, orders and purchases in one single app.

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Everything you need to know at a glance

Keep track of your jobs through every stage, the latest information is always available

Enhance your teams' collaboration

See who did what and when, and what needs to happen next

Share job progress with your customers

Allow your customers to track their job so they always know where they are

All the information in one single place

The CRM lets you share information across your company and link together people and processes, so that all members of a team can access details about your jobs and customers. It lets you take better control of your contacts by allowing you to track events, appointments and to-do items.


Watch the results come in

See the outcome of your teams' Sales Visits seconds after completion and never miss an opportunity.


Track progress

View entire job details in one place, including payment details, customer activity and more. No more forgotten files.


No more spreadsheets

Dedicated Sales, Survey and Fitting calendars with intelligent reporting tools.


Sales pipeline

Clear visibility of your sales pipeline in real time.


Monitor performance

Display sales performance and set incentive bonuses for your sales team.


Sales and Survey

Assign sales and survey appointment to your selected team members.


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